Public Information

Current By-Laws

In addition to the standard rules included in the by-laws, this document also contains informationĀ on our:

  • Current complaint policies
  • Current conflict of interest policy

STRIVE Collegiate Academy By-Laws


Approved Annual Budget

STRIVE FY16 Approved Annual Budget


STRIVE School Wellness Policy

STRIVE School Wellness Policy


STRIVE School Nondiscrimination Statement

STRIVE School Nondiscrimination Policy

STRIVE School Spanish Nondiscrimination Policy


Charter School Application

STRIVE Charter Application


Charter School Agreement

STRIVE Charter Agreement


STRIVE School Audit

STRIVE School Audit


Office of Innovation Website

In order to accommodate and support the growth of charter schools in the district, MNPS has created the Office of Charter Schools within the Office of Innovation. Please visit this site for more information about what this office is doing to support our great work.