Prospective Families

 Our commitment to innovative teaching methods and individual development allows us to truly invest in the success of each student.


So, why STRIVE?

We Believe…

All children CAN learn and all children WILL learn.

We Are….

A mission-driven staff delivering exceptional results for students.

We Have…

  • A joyous and rigorous environment combined to create a culture of achievement.
  • A longer school year, an extended school day, and a strategic daily schedule to maximize student achievement.
  • Weekly communication methods between home/school to address behavioral and academic growth.

Who Can Enroll?

STRIVE enrollment is open to current 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students.  We will be welcoming 8th grade students grade students this upcoming school year.  We are an open enrollment public charter school.

We are STILL ACCEPTING applications. Join our 5th, 6th and 7th grade classes today – spots are limited!*


 Academic, Enrichment & Extracurricular Offerings

At STRIVE, we are continuously creating more opportunities for students to get involved.  STRIVE’s current extracurricular offerings are soccer, basketball, cheerleading, and track & field.  STRIVE’s current academic and enrichment offerings include, but not limited to, yearbook club, student council, and a wide range of electives (i.e. chess, art, musical theater, sports, home economics, etc.).


Parent Information Sessions

There are no upcoming events at this time.

See our Event Calendar for more information. A complete list of our recruiting events is below:


 School Walk-Throughs

If you would like to participate in a school Walk Through, please note they will be held either at 7:30am or 12pm. Please see the calendar for the dates.

For a full list of our recruiting events, please download the following document:

Coming Soon.

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